Key West.

So we're back from our cruise and slowly adjusting back to our regular schedules. I never really thought we'd go on a cruise. We talked about it multiple times before and would always agree that it wasn't really our thing, but right before we left for Iceland (like literally the day before we left) Ryan surprised me and said he had booked us a cruise to The Bahamas. What the heck!? haha! I was pretty shocked. I guess he thought we could kill 2 birds with one stone and check The Bahamas off our list and experience a cruise all in one shot. As for our cruise experience....all I can say is we definitely won't be taking another cruise from here in Texas again. I can say however that the staff on the cruise were amazing! They were some of the friendliest/happiest people I have ever seen! And we did enjoy all the shows and entertainment, (as cheesy as most of them were) the comedy shows were by far our favorite!

Our first stop before The Bahamas was Key West. It was soooooo hot! We did a lot of walking and exploring and we even went against our own rules and tried conch fritters! They were pretty tasty! All and all it was a fun day!

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  1. I've always wanted to visit Key West, it looks beautiful in your photos - even if it was super hot :) And I love your dress!


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