Wednesday Wish List

Next month Ryan and I are taking a little end of summer trip to The Bahamas and I'm sooooooo excited!! I don't know why but every time we go on a trip....anywhere...I feel like I need new things. Almost like allllll the stuff I already have in my closet isn't good enough. I know I'm not alone on this one. I think it's a girl thing. We just like new shiny things :)

1. Watch  $200 // 2. Hat //$128 // 3. Wallet $36 // 4. Bracelet $58 // 5Purse $35 // 6. Sunglasses $12 // 7. Sandals $64 // 8. Necklace $44 //  9. Roller bag  $74

What are you currently lusting over?
Do you buy new things every time before a trip?
Do you have any end of summer plans? 
Let me know!!
Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!


  1. Yeah it is definitely a girl thing! Those sunnies are too cool! Cute blog following via Bloglovin.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. great list,like 2 and 5 :)

  3. I am the same exact way, because apparently vacations = new outfits!! But, that is part of the fun! You guys are going to have a blast! And those are the perfect additions for a getaway to the Bahamas!!


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